Shadow’s Embrace

A young woman drowns mysteriously. More than a century later, the mystery surrounding her death continues to haunt a small lakeside community. Ghostly manifestations and psychic disturbances emanate from the dead woman’s house. A house Maggie King has inherited.

Maggie doesn’t know what to believe. A tall, dark, handsome dead man prowls the corridors of the rambling old house in search of his lost love. Dangerous ghost or deadly hoax? Jack Steele, a local psychologist and student of the paranormal, wants full access to Maggie’s inheritance. Prime suspect perhaps, but the attraction between the two is immediate and strong. Suspense builds as past and present merge and the line between the living and the dead grows ever fainter.

Dragon Sleep

For creative writer, artist, and librarian Elizabeth Rinehart, the world of make-believe has always been a source of magic, wonder, and comfort. Beth’s imaginary world is a pleasant, waking dream. Little does she know her dream has taken on a life of its own in an alternate universe.

When the imaginary world of Elizabeth’s disturbed childhood friend, Zachary Blake, an angry boy who grew up to be a serial killer, also starts manifesting itself, the peaceful dream becomes a twisted nightmare. With each murder Zachary commits, the barrier between worlds becomes thinner, and the three worlds threaten to merge into one. It’s up to Beth, with the help of her imaginary friends and the man she loves, to stop the murders, contain Zachary’s horrific fantasy world, and save her beloved Enchanted Forest, if only she can.

Shades of Gray

True-crime writer Paige Malone is used to murder, mystery, and suspense... writing about them, that is. When she finds herself in the middle of a real-life ghost story, however, the normally quick-witted femme de lettres learns that being a character in a mystery isn’t quite what she expected.

Haunted by an enigmatic yet dangerous spirit from the past, Paige must solve the mystery of the tortured soul before it can drag her and her friends into its realm of death and despair. Her only leads are the shoddy prose of a period romance novel that is seemingly writing itself on her laptop and the somewhat tenuous clues unearthed by an eager squad of amateur ghost hunters.

From disappearing dogs to vivid nightmares, from luminous orbs to apparitions caught on high-tech film, Paige’s bizarre and terrifying experiences teach her that there’s more to life (and death) than she ever thought possible. Things rarely boil down to stark black-and-white. All you have to do is scratch the surface to find the Shades of Gray.

Coming Soon: Passed Away

Being murdered tends to put a damper on one’s spirit of adventure—but it might just be the beginning of the adventure of one’s spirit. This is especially true of Mackenzie “Mac” Moss, an intrepid newspaper reporter whose life was tragically cut short in 1901 by a serial killer. Wanting nothing more to do with life on earth, she lingers in the spirit world, refusing rebirth and stopping her journey toward enlightenment.

Last century’s murder victim may be gone, but she’s hardly history. When more women are murdered in 2011 by a reincarnated version of Mackenzie’s killer, Mac must revisit the pain of life in the material world to stop the villain and find peace. Forced to come to grips with a world she tried desperately to forget—and pitted against a soul whose crimes stretch multiple incarnations—the once spirited reporter-turned-just-spirit finds her toughest challenge is the very issue she’s avoided for all the years since her death: finding the courage to live.