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  1. I recently finished Melinda's book, "Shades of Gray" and found it be to be a very compelling and spellbinding read. I liked "Shades of Gray" so much, that I intend to start another one of Melinda's books very soon.

    —Peggy on Sep 03 2013

  2. Kitten Has More Sense Than Most of the People it was Observing

    An intriguing story with many interesting characters and unexpected events. I really liked the kitten. We had cats for many years and I often wondered out loud what our cats were thinking. The kitten character reopened my imagination regarding what felines think about human behavior. It really connected with me and it showed the author’s appreciation for animals. In many ways it showed the kitten had more sense than the people it was observing.

    —Joyce on Feb 26 2013

  3. Dragon Sleep

    Love it when the story is so captivating I feel like I know the characters. A must read for anyone who enjoys to be swept up into another land for awhile!

    —Hayley on Feb 22 2013

  4. Colorful Character Development

    The Melinda does an excellent job developing an eclectic cadre of characters that maintains your interest and enhances the flow of the story. Her psychologist background clearly contributes to the colorful personalities she gives her characters. You can’t help but become attached to them.

    —Steve on Feb 17 2013

  5. Glimpses of the past shed light on the present

    Glimpses of the past shed light on the present in this mystery involving a century and a half old Lake Michigan tragedy and a mid-19th century lumber baron's massive home overlooking Lake Michigan. Open your mind as the mystery unfolds and you learn how the normal....and the paranormal....forever change the "lives" of lifelong and new residents in this small Michigan Upper Peninsula town. The author colors the story with unexpected twists, a blossoming love triangle, and an eclectic cadre of characters...some of whom seem more alive than they really are. Sit back, enjoy, but don't expect to easily put this book down until you have turned the last page.

    —Steve on Feb 15 2013

  6. avid book reader

    Love all books and "pre"books of Melindas that I have been able to read! In a class by themselves. Love, Love, Love!!

    —Renae on Oct 10 2012


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