Shades of Gray

True-crime writer Paige Malone is used to murder, mystery, and suspense… writing about them, that is. When she finds herself in the middle of a real-life ghost story, however, the normally quick-witted femme de lettres learns that being a character in a mystery isn’t quite what she expected.

Haunted by an enigmatic yet dangerous spirit from the past, Paige must solve the mystery of the tortured soul before it can drag her and her friends into its realm of death and despair. Her only leads are the shoddy prose of a period romance novel that is seemingly writing itself on her laptop and the somewhat tenuous clues unearthed by an eager squad of amateur ghost hunters.

From disappearing dogs to vivid nightmares, from luminous orbs to apparitions caught on high-tech film, Paige’s bizarre and terrifying experiences teach her that there’s more to life (and death) than she ever thought possible. Things rarely boil down to stark black-and-white. All you have to do is scratch the surface to find the Shades of Gray.